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A Complete Bed Makeover: Transforming Your Landscape into a Maintenance-Free Haven

As homeowners, we all want to have an outdoor space that is not only beautiful but also low maintenance, one that does not require constant upkeep and bed maintenance. This is precisely what our recent client was looking for when they approached us here at Sultan Services.

Our team at Sultan Services are highly-experienced in creating personalized outdoor spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. And so, we excitedly began the process of transforming our client’s landscape into a maintenance-free haven.

To give our client’s landscape a complete makeover, we first had to remove all the railroad ties from the driveway and regrade the yard. This helped to improve the overall drainage of the space and created a flat surface that would be easy to maintain.

We then removed the existing front landscape and installed new beds, a walkway, and retaining wall. This not only added depth and texture to the landscape but also helped to define garden spaces while preventing erosion.

The next step was to remove 50 yards of 3/8” red barn stone and install 55 yards of topsoil, seed, and straw. This gave the landscape a fresh start and a new foundation to flourish on. We also installed new dogwood trees and driveway entrance beds, adding more beauty and character to the space.

Before and after this customer came to us with the desire to eliminate as much bed maintenance as possible. Planting to come in the spring.


While planting has yet to come in the spring, our client is already thrilled with the transformation that has taken place thus far. They are happy to have a space that is beautiful yet low maintenance, freeing up more time for them to enjoy their outdoor haven.

At Sultan Services, we take pride in creating personalized outdoor spaces that cater to the needs of our clients. Our recent project was a testament to this, as we were able to transform our client’s landscape into a low maintenance haven that they will be able to enjoy for years to come. So if you’re looking to give your own landscape a makeover, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Sultan Services. We’d be more than happy to help you achieve the outdoor space of your dreams.